Monday, March 25, 2013

Thousand Island business couple to the NYS PSC: " unfortunately this issue must be addressed"

NYS Public Service Commission Article 10 Sitting Board,

My name is Michael Barry and I reside in Clayton, NY with my wife and family. We operate a business in Alexandria Bay, NY and rely on the tourist trade for our livelihood. Since we are a stones throw from the St. Lawrence River we can appreciate that it's esthetics are a necessary ingredient that contribute to it's beauty. The Wind Farm issue is a polarizing topic and is often avoided like religion and politics in friendly conversation but unfortunately this issue must be addressed. Like many people I am all for clean energy but the placement of these wind turbines in our area would be extremely detrirmental to a place that depends on it's visual appeal to draw tourists into the area. The 1000 Islands Region from Cape Vincent to Morristown is currently being considered for designation of Scenic Areas of Statewide Significance. There are only two areas in New York State that have this distinction, the East Hampton and the Hudson River Valley. There are so many other locations that would welcome Wind Farming which could help improve their economy. The opposite holds true for our area, scaring scenery that is the essence of what attracts people from around the world to visit the area can only make the 1000 Islands a less desirable location. Please help protect the beauty of the St. Lawrence River for generations yet to come.

Clayton, NY